GVS SPR456 Elipse P100 Nuisance OV Half Mask Respirator - Medium / Large

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Part Number SPR456
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Manufacturer GVS
Size M / L
Type P100
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The Elipse P100 Nuisance Odour Respirator provides protection against dust particles, metal fumes, mists, and vapors. It is perfect for everyday use from DIY and commercial construction through to the more demanding environments of metalworking and stonemasonry.
Already approved in Europe, the Elipse achieved NIOSH approval in 2011 to make it available on the US market.




Features & Benefits>

  • Approved to NIOSH Standard: P100
  • Elipse twin filter ready to wear half mask
  • Latex and silicone-free, lightweight TPE face piece that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Low profile filters provide unobstructed field of vision
  • Compatible with other PPE safety products including visors and welding helmets
  • Meets requirements for Asbestos applications 


Product code SPR456
Description Elipse P100 Nuisance Odor Respirator M/L
Materials of construction Mask Body: TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer)
Filter media HESPA (High-Efficiency Synthetic Particulate Airfilter)
Pore size (µm) 0.3
Dimension 3.66’’ x 5.04 ‘’ x 4.33’’ (widest point)
Weight (g) Mask + Filter: 4.65 oz, Mask body: 3.44 oz
Retention range 99.97% (minimum efficiency)
Ref. standard NIOSH P100 TC-84A-6950
Temperature -5°C +55°C; - 23°F to 131°F
Notes Half-mask for Anti-odour protection against nuisance odor, dust, all types of fumes, oil and water mists and micro-organisms i.e. bacteria and viruses.



GVS Disinfecting / Sterilizing Instructions:

Using UVC Lamps: 



Using an Autoclave



What size respirator should I order?
Of all PPE sizing challenges, accurate sizing for respirators is the most critical. Confusion sometimes occurs because respirator sizes are given descriptors (small, medium and large), but these generally do not relate to any measurable value. Respirators...
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